New Children’s Book Helps Kids Cope

Let My Colors Out, by Courtney Filigenzi, is an award-winning children’s book that is helping children whose parent or relative has been diagnosed with cancer. It chronicles the story of a young boy as his mother undergoes cancer treatment. The boy uses colors to express his emotions. Sometimes he is sad/blue, angry/red, scared/purple, jealous/green, or even in denial/orange. Throughout his journey, the boy begins to realize that its okay to have all these emotions and letting them out through coloring is healthy. Eventually, he is happy/yellow and learns to cope with his mother’s diagnosis by accepting his emotions as normal.

This book has been published through the American Cancer Society and is an excellent tool for kids who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis in the family. It teaches kids a way of coping while also reassuring them that they are not alone. Children who are dealing with cancer in the family need to be shown that their emotions are healthy and this book does just that.

Although women are more at risk for breast cancer after the age of 55, there are plenty of breast cancer survivors who were diagnosed at a younger age who have children. If you or someone you know has a child dealing with cancer in his/her family, take a moment to look at this book. It could help open up a dialogue between you and your child that could strengthen your relationship and your child’s emotional well-being. The book even has a pop-up at the end and you CAN’T go wrong with pop-ups right? Right!

Peace, happiness, and lots of coloring to you! May all your crayons be pink of course! xo

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One Response to New Children’s Book Helps Kids Cope

  1. grandma says:

    Terrific Courtney. I am so proud of you. Anxious to see your new book as well. Love, Grandma

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